25 May 2017

Suicide by learned jurist.

Regarding the 10-3 en banc decision of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upholding the U.S. District Court injunction against President Trump’s executive order regarding travel and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries:
The majority then launches into a litany of quotes from President Trump, his advisers, and his campaign website made during and after the election season of 2016, as proof that the travel ban represents a government “purpose” to favor one religion over another. Relying on Establishment Clause precedent that has never been applied in the immigration context, the court decided that the administration’s proffered purpose of keeping Americans safe from terrorism was a mere pretext for disfavoring the Islamic faith.[1]
God forbid that anyone would be so perverse as to conclude that Islam is rotten to its core and that anyone who calls himself a Muslim is a conscious adherent of a savage death cult that makes murder a sacrament.

And thus has no business in any civilized country.

[1] "Travel Ban Blocked Again, Possible Supreme Court Showdown." By Ian Mason, Breitbart, 5/25/17.

Just submit.

The [Assad] regime must stop all attacks on civilian and opposition forces.[1]
~ Stuart Jones, acting US assistant secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, 5/15/17.

[1] Daily Mail quoted in "Uh oh. U.S. sounds hopping mad about de-escalation zones in Syria." By Pundita, 5/16/17 (emphasis added, brackets in the original.)

24 May 2017

Post-modern excellence.

The raw data attesting to the excellence of European statecraft are a daily flood.

Thousands of years of experience and the lessons learned from the savagery of modern warfare and totalitarian excess in the last century inform the leadership of France and Britain such that:

  1. The British Army is patrolling the streets of the home country,
  2. France is under a state of emergency,
  3. both countries are awash with hostile and parasitic foreigners whose presence is celebrated and viciously defended by the political elites of those countries, and
  4. the inestimably valuable national cultures of the two countries are disappearing into a fine mist with a faint odor to it like that surrounding a broken sewer line.
No word in yet whether the ruling elite in either of those countries have been able to discern a connection between items 1, 2, 3, and 4 above.

For now, incautious cries of "Oh, dear" are heard at dinner parties from posh people with just a bit too much to drink.

Polish education.

The unspeakable horror:
Polish textbooks are not full of absurd but obligatory profiles of the marginal contributions of various historical figures just because they are from “underrepresented” groups. While American students learn yet again about how the U.S. Constitution was secretly influenced by the Iroquois Confederacy or the many uses for the peanut discovered by George Washington Carver, Polish students are studying advanced mathematics, literature, or mechanics.

Ethnic homogeneity allows Poles to have common heroes, cultural traditions, and a history of their own, passed down to younger generations through public schools. While support for every aspect of the curriculum is by no means unanimous, Poland doesn’t have to juggle the demands of bickering ethnic tribes demanding equal time for their historical narratives. American school districts have to deal with “demographic changes” and an ever-expanding list of dietary laws, dress codes, cultural standards, religious holidays, and demands for various forms of accommodation but Polish schools can focus on teaching the story of the Polish people. The biggest social issue to spill over into education is probably the presence of crucifixes in public schools, and they aren’t going to disappear any time soon.

* * * *

The Polish educational system gets great results because it educates Poles and not Somalis, Guatemalans or Bangladeshis.

"Notes from a White Country, Part III." By Jack Krak, American Renaissance, 5/20/17.

Disappointing cynicism.

Zero Hedge has a story today about three kids being stabbed outside a Manhattan public school by another kid described as wearing a red hat.

Comments ensue:

We need common sense knife laws.

We should make stabbing illegal too.

Oh that is nothing compare to the stabbing in the back at our nations capital, daily.
Miss Expectations
Any second now, the Dept of Education will say, "The well being and safety of our students is our TOP priority."
Handful of Dust
Notice how the MSM fails to give a description of the attacker. This always means only one thing.......
"Three Stabbed In Fight Outside Midtown Manhattan School, Suspect At Large." By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 5/24/17.

23 May 2017

Pearls of expression.

"We believe it is highly likely that the attack was carried out by the Assad regime," British Prime Minister Theresa May said in a televised statement. "Apart from anything else, we believe it's only the regime that has the capability to make such an attack."

Not counting, of course, the Trump regime, the Netanyahu regime, the Erdogan regime, the May regime, the Hollande regime, the Al Saud regime, the.....

Comment by Marko on "The White House Report – TTG." By Sic Semper Tyrannis, 4/13/17.

22 May 2017

The U.S. continues its support for scum.

As the CIA reopens its rebel supply lines [in Syria], it’s important to note that the entire opposition is dominated by al-Qaeda and other radical Islamists. While pro-regime-changers in the U.S. have repeatedly blame[d] the rise of ISIS on the U.S. not sufficiently sponsoring the “moderate” rebels, in reality the program of supporting the moderates was the major factor that empowered the jihadists. The so-called “moderates” were never separate from the extremists, and often were only called “moderate” to justify U.S.-support.[1]
Read the source of this quote to get the full flavor of U.S. "thinking" on our continued aggressive, unconstitutional war against Syria and the international order.

[1]  "Trump Escalates Syrian Proxy War." By Steven Chovanec, Consortiumnews.com, 5/18/17.

Pearls of expression.

What is the difference, I wonder, between a Russian military satellite's eyesight and that of a commercial satellite and for that matter the American military's eyes in the sky? I got interested in satellite eyesight when I noted that only a Russian satellite was able to see Islamic State oil truck convoys driving from Raqqa in Syria to Turkey's side of the border.

"Uh oh. U.S. sounds hopping mad about de-escalation zones in Syria." By Pundita, 5/16/17.

16 May 2017

New game plan in Syria.

The militant [U.S.] promotion of regime change is no longer in the cards for Syria, and great advances have been made on the anti-terrorist front against Daesh, but that doesn’t mean that the US isn’t still a danger to the Arab Republic.

Channeling the adaptive strategies of Hybrid War, the US changed its premier goal in Syria and is now seeking to geopolitically fragment the country to compensate for the failure of its years-long regime change operation, and it’s using the PYD-YPG Kurds as its battering ram for doing so.

"Carving out 'Kurdistan' is the US’ new end game in Syria." By Andrew Korybko, The Duran, 5/15/17.

Unsayable troof.

There was no way to chalk up these complaints to adolescent theatrics. A February survey of CHS teachers had already revealed a school that resembled Lord of the Flies. Cursing, yelling students roamed the halls, pushing, shoving, ramming each other into walls, sometimes “accidentally” colliding with teachers. Thirty-six out of 79 teachers surveyed believed that they were unsafe in the hallways, and those who didn’t acknowledged either being big enough to stare down students or practiced at minding their own business. . . .

What could not be said out loud was that the problem kids were all black, though the district superintendent did delicately indicate that the school’s trouble is “racialized.” Like many inner suburbs, once predominantly white Cheltenham has become increasingly African-American over the past decades.[1]

The subtitle of Ms. Hymowitz's piece speaks of racial "gaps in education." Nope. It's about racial "gaps in culture," the unwillingness of young blacks African-Americans (choose one) to be a part of the larger community. White community to be exact.

But let's celebrate the joys of diversity. Let's do that. And as mass immigration and demography inexorably work to make white Americans a majority minority in our own country, which tickles Whoopi [cushion] Goldberg no end, let's celebrate the reign of anarchy. Where we, like the school guards in this article, look the other way while primitives take over.

[1] "Unsayable Truths About a Failing High School. A viral student brawl in a once-thriving school highlights public evasions about racial gaps in education." By Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal, 5/15/17.