09 December 2016

One-time Democrat presidential candidate.

Headline: Hillary Clinton – Who Lied About Landing Under Sniper Fire – Claims Fake News Is a Threat"

By Jim Holt, Gateway Pundit.

08 December 2016

The "mistaken" U.S. air attack on Deir Elizabeth-Zor.

The [Pentagon] report then is saying the bloody Deir ez-Zor bombing was not the result of one error, but the result of a very long string of unexplained errors piled on top of each other. At so many steps along the way the planned strike could be recognized as being destined to hit Syrian soldiers but every time a freak mistake interceded. So one either has to believe the US Air Force is a highly incompetent organization, or else that the raid succeeded only too well.[1]
Hey. Mistakes were made. Ok? Can we just move "forward" now?

[1] "Its Own Report Data Indicates Pentagon's Slaughter of 100 Syrian Troops in Deir ez-Zor Was Deliberate." By Adam Hill, Russia Insider, 12/8/16.

07 December 2016

Climate change.

What is reality in France today?

Violence. It is spreading. Not just terrorist attacks; pure gang violence. It instills a growing feeling of insecurity in hospitals, at schools, in the streets -- even in the police. The media does not dare to say that this violence is coming mainly from Muslim gangs -- "youths," as they call the in the French media, to avoid naming who they are. A climate of civil war, however, is spreading visibly in the police, schools, hospitals and politics.[1]

This is amazing. But only because it demonstrates the extent to which a hostile and alien presence has been introduced into France and tolerated.

But it was foreseeable.

Ten years ago this was foreseeable.

Forty-eight years ago Enoch Powell made his famous so-called "rivers of blood" speech, an example of truth speaking utterly foreign to our present lie-besotted societies.[2] The "rivers of blood" label in no way does justice to the concentrated common sense that he expounded and which shows in sharp contrast what a filthy lie "multiculturalism" is.

Nevertheless, the phrase has a prophetic truth all its own. Trained seals clapping about what wonderful "progress" we have made and are making in race relations and cultural understanding are in for a rude awakening, roughly along the lines of the experience of the French people described in Mamou's article (though I do not hang the insult "naive" on the police and those others who must deal directly with "the diversity"). Stories of "polar bear hunting," Zebra killings, ambushes of police, daily Chiraq carnage, and black political pathology should, but don't, have similar bracing and consciousness-raising effects on Americans.

Forget political epiphanies. The issues for resolution by various Western national political systems will be resolved by lead and steel. I don't advocate this or welcome it but I can see that Western elites will do nothing to avoid this.

Enoch Powell was right and decades of scumbag politicians since his time in Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere have been wrong. And the people of their countries have paid the price, up to and including the imminent overturning of their societies that have endured for centuries but now threaten to disappear beneath the waves of Muslim arrogance, obscurantism and violence; third-world savagery; and the parasitism of both those populations.

Mr. Mamou goes on:

Police in civilian clothes, some wearing orange armbands, some hidden under a scarf or hood, supported by citizens, gathered in the evening at the Place de la Concorde, before walking the length of the Champs Elysée up to the Arc de Triomphe, where they formed a human chain around the monument and sang La Marseillaise (France's national anthem).

This revolt of one pillar of French society, the police, was the biggest that ever happened in modern France. Yet, virtually no one in France's mainstream media covered the event.[3]

Unreported, therefore denied and concealed.

Mamou also describes the Director-general of the National Police on October 18 being "surrounded by hundreds of police urging him to resign."

Well, that's different. Mamou's inaccurate only in characterizing this as a spreading "climate of civil war." It's no such thing. The assailants of the police are not French, but an alien presence insanely allowed to take root. War, not civil war, will dislodge them and failure to wage this war will doom France – and every other Western country lunatic enough to import Muslims and third-world primitives (which is all of them).

If for no other reason, these nations will go under in the demographic tide that, for now, is viewed as (1) as inevitable and unstoppable as sun spots and (2) evil to notice, let alone demand be forthrightly eliminated by implacable population transfer.

Political incorrectness has been accurately described as the crime of noticing. Noticing the obvious. Alas, realism and a healthy desire not to commit civilizational suicide require a lot more than noticing. But it's a start.

[1] "France: Decomposing in Front of Our Eyes." By Yves Mamou, Gatestone Institute, 12/7/16 (emphasis added).
[2] The voice in the video is that of an actor, I believe, as not all of Powell's speech was recorded on film, though the text of his speech exists.
[3] Mamou, supra.

04 December 2016

One big happy clappy glop.

"Liberals believe that their nation states are associations formed by individuals for the purpose of ensuring their natural right to life, liberty, and happiness. They have an imaginary view of their liberal states as associations created by isolated individuals reaching a covenant, a contract or agreement, amongst themselves in abstraction from any prior community. They have a predilection to whitewash the fact that their liberal states, like all states, were forcibly created by a people with a common language, heritage, racial characteristics, religious traditions, and a sense of territorial acquisition involving the derogation of out-groups." [Source not provided by Lemur.]
This was precisely the case in the founding of the United States. The Anglo-Celtic nation of the New World constituted themselves as a particular people according to the articles of the Constitution. Plato and Montesquieu, NOT Locke, were the main influences. Republics are always particular, rather than universal. The People Preceded the Proposition.

Not buyin' the proposition.

Until 1965, most of the US population came from Northern Europe, and those who didn't were ruthlessly assimilated according to WASPish norms. Likewise the Black population came from a small sector of West Africa - hardly the melting pot meme dreamed up by some Jew in London in the twenties.

[Origin writes:] "Ultimately, over the 151 years since that conflict ended, the American People have made great progress toward forming a society under a mostly ethno-neutral...polity.["] It's a complete [non-sequitur] to go from ["]the blacks had it tough, and so we straightened that out["] to 'America should be an ethno-neutral country. That's [ahistorical] nonsense, a retrospective end of history fever dream. America is now a domain of tribal competition thanks to the open borders efforts of oligarchs and leftists with a sick obsession with the other and a hatred of their own traditions. Diversity + proximity always leads to conflict. Here's [sic] the studies which point to where the United State is headed. Trump's just the beginning, and [je and] Bannon (who is only a white nationalist in the imaginations of Mother Jones types) are mere avatars of the social changes liberal ideology itself installed. And the research is [underway] on the consequences... https://heartiste.wordpress.com/diversity-proximity-war-the-reference-list/

Liberalism of course is the true ["]easy ideology["]. Everyone is placed in little boxes - abstract units of production, consumption, and 'self realization - where the ruling zeitgeist is ["]do as thou wilt[" within] the parameters of the harm principle. But actually conserving the traditions of a spiritual organic community against the globalizing forces of dissolution - that is the hard choice. Actually generating and aspiring to something greater than a value neutral post-modernism poz-fest requires concerted effort. Liberalism is a contract with mediocrity that protects its practitioners from ever being more than political children.

By contrast, ["]the wonderful mosaic of diversity["] is a series of decontextualized exotic cultural stimuli our bored last men and women amuse themselves with. The liberal state is ultimately the enemy of any true diversity, because the liberal state ethos leads to differentiation without difference.

No more. As the National Front tweeted after Trump won, “Their world is collapsing, ours is being built.” The epoch of dissolution is over. The age of a new nationalism has begun.[1]

[1] Comment by Lemur on "ORIGIN Incensed—Presidents Elect have a right of freedom of speech and expression too." By Origin, Sic Semper Tyrannis, 11/22/16 (slight formatting changes; emphasis added).

Ultra-left malevolence and mass immigration.

Item: "Sweden to Become a Third World Country by 2030, According to UN."

Item: "Germany: Invaders Stay on Welfare." – ". . . [N]one of the 50,000 officially recognized “asylum seekers” in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia are working, and all are living on welfare."

But, notwithstanding these representative facts, the ultra-leftist (communist, progressive, multicultural) mantra is unchanged. There must be yet more massive third-world immigration:

While any culture can absorb some people over time, there is a pace above which only shock and splintering can occur. It seems to me that the bureaucrats of Europe have overlooked the impacts of their decisions, allowed in too many people at once without any good plan for dealing with them (as evidenced by the legions of refugees and migrants camped out on the rue [French for street]).[1]
The above too-casually accepts the value of any immigration. There shouldn't be any "good plan for dealing with" immigrants because there shouldn't be any immigration in the first place. At a minimum, there should be a 50-year near-total halt to immigration.

However the author's basic point is correct. You can't exceed a certain rate of absorption of foreigners.

The author also says this inundation occurs because "bureaucrats" don't have to suffer the consequences of their letting in masses of foreigners. This raises the question, however, Why do these "bureaucrats" encourage immigration in the first place?

Leftist gift to Western civilization.

The answer to that question is that the hidden ultra-left game plan is to overload, inundate, and destroy every Western nations with hordes of hostile, primitive, arrogant, obscurantist, parasitical foreigners and all the while sell it as something that will be a cultural and economic benefit to each host country.

These people are satanic in their malevolence disguised as compassion.

Such is the hatred of the ultra-left for Western culture and the white race.

[1] "France On Fire." By Chris, IWB, 12/2/16 (bracketed text in original).

H/t: Gates of Vienna for both items.

01 December 2016

Pearls of expression.

It is well known that Idi Amin lived to such an old age because he only ate vegetarians.
Comment by Jason Calley on "Time to Say Goodbye…" By Francis Marion, The Burning Platform, 11/30/16.

A different breed of cat.

It never ceases to fascinate me why our Western elites have broken loose from any moorings that pass for common sense. Reading articles on the web and the many intelligent comments, I see that many other people struggle to deal with families divided along ideological lines. I even have a dear friend who said a couple of years ago that the reason why Obama's not been as successful as he could be is because he's "too conservative." Quote unquote. He's hardly a ruling class moron and is simply a great guy but where is there common ground on the subject of politics?

Francis Marion wrote a great article at The Burning Platform from which the excerpt below is taken. It just struck me as a particularly insightful look at what a huge gulf there is between normal people and the people who inhabit our supposed cultural and political centers. When you talk yourself blue in the face trying to reason with leftists, this article should be kept in mind. The people who inhabit the urban centers of our land are batting for a different team indeed, and I don't mean in the usual sense of that witticism:

This is a pattern that has been repeating itself with more and more frequency all cross the western world over a period of decades. The liberals and the elites that grow up around these patterns of ‘decadence and dependency’ are a different breed than those of use from the conservative and normally productive heartlands of our nations. Indeed, I wonder, what do people like this, a product of liberal moral nihilism living in a densely populated urban enclave have in common with the rest of us these days? And they have the nerve to call those of us in flyover country “deplorable”?

Now that’s not to say that there aren’t exceptions to all these patterns, of course there are, but as a rule of thumb the trend has been one of division and distancing ourselves from one another along the lines of both philosophy and geography for at least the last 50 years or more. The last two elections, both south and north of the 49th parallel, prove it.

The photos at the page linked to under the phrase "people like this" above show people with whom I have nothing in common. They show something that's a lot like a get together of Mia Farrow's neighbors in the movie "Rosemary's Baby." The people recently revealed to be aficionados of "spirit cooking" are in the same class. Unmoored and twisted people. And they vote Democrat.

Where is the common ground?

"[1] Time to Say Goodbye…" By Francis Marion, The Burning Platform, 11/30/16.

The worship of theft.

When I lived in Seattle, I observed with dismay, British Columbia, becoming more socialist every year. I never really understood what it was with Canadians. Perhaps they were infected like many others with the idea that something for free was really FREE! That is the immorality of Socialist thought. The lie behind Socialist thought. Of course, it isn’t. Someone always pays.

The Socialist promise of FREE to be accepted requires one to relinquish rational thought to maintain a sense of being a moral person. In their mistaken understanding of what moral means, Socialists elevates theft to a moral imperative. . . .[1]

This brings to mind the trenchant observation that you can't persuade someone of something if his job depends on his believing the opposite. It's no wonder that millions embrace the untruths of socialism. Self interest clouds moral judgment.

[1] Comment by Homersays on "Time to Say Goodbye…" By Francis Marion, The Burning Platform, 11/30/16.

Best headline of the month.

"BBC on Suicide Watch After Aleppo Civilians Seek Safety of Syrian Army."

In the embedded video civilians liberated by the Syrian Army exclaim "God bless the Syrian Army." They must be ignorant of the fact that Assad is a brutal dictator. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening.

30 November 2016

Hum or noise in Rode NTG2 shotgun microphone.

This is to offer some insight into certain problems that you might encounter in recording audio with your videos.

I have a Tascam DR60DMkII recorder and preamp into which I've plugged a Rode NTG2 shotgun mic. I've been experiencing a slight hum or noise when I turn up the gain to gain to where I get a nice clear audio signal. I can dial down the gain and get ok voice quality but I like the crispness of the audio at the higher gain. I also find I can eliminate or reduce the noise in an audio editor quite a bit but who wants to mess with an unnecessary step in audio production?

Long story short, I found that it was the desktop computer itself some three-five feet from the microphone (with shielded cables I presume) that was the source of the noise. (To be fair, the interference could have been something that manifested itself in the audio recorder or in both the recorder and the mic.) This web article is a decent more comprehensive discussion of audio problems. In general, beware of nearby cell phones, monitors, fluorescent lights, speakers and other such sources of radio frequency interference (RFI).

Sound and audio connectors are not for the faint of heart I've found but, as one YouTuber observed, so so video can still work if you have good sound but not the other way around.

A+ for the Tascam, btw. The menus and controls can be a bit daunting if you're new to audio but once you practice a bit they're not a problem. It eats up batteries so you definitely want to use rechargeable batteries. I bought a LifeCharge external 16,800 mAh battery and that eliminated the batterys' running down during any one day of shooting. Tascam tech support is excellent, let it be said. Very decent folks.